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Re: lisp probs

    We're using cmu-cl on a sparc2. We have a program which runs successfully on 
    the mac with Allegro. On running it on cmu-cl we get:
    Type-error in KERNEL:DATA-VECTOR-SET:
      0 is not of type SINGLE-FLOAT
    If we compile the program and run it, we get:
    Error in function MACH::SIGBUS-HANDLER.
    Bus Error at #x701AC8C.
This would be a lot easier to diagnose if you could send us the piece of
code that causes this misbehavior.  (Please extract the smallest possible
piece that exhibits the problem, if you can.)  Lots of things run in
allegro that aren't really correct, but at least we should die in the least
mysterious way possible.

-- Scott