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foreign-function interface.

I've been trying to learn the CMUCL 15e foreign function 
interface on a Sparc.  After several failure, I finally 
typed in the code in the manual (pp. 154-157) and saved
it in "manual.lisp".  Then I typed in the C code and
compiled it under gcc Then I did:

CMU Common Lisp 15e, running on muzungu.cis.upenn.edu
Hemlock 3.5 (15e), Python 1.0(15e), target SPARCstation/Sun 4
Send bug reports and questions to cmucl-bugs@cs.cmu.edu.
* (load "manual.lisp")
;;; Running /pkg/cmucl/lib/load-foreign.csh...
;;; Loading object file...
;;; Parsing symbol table...
"_etext" moved from #x0002CA58 to #x00C00148.

"_edata" moved from #x0003DC38 to #x00C00148.

"_end" moved from #x000482D8 to #x00C00148.

;;; Done.
* (test-c-call::call-cfun)

Error in EVAL::LEAF-VALUE: the function

Any idea when this will be fixed?  

Also, a suggestion:  It took me a while to
figure out how to use EXTENSIONS:LOAD-FOREIGN.  The default
for the linker should be ($CMUCLLIB)/load-foreign.csh
and for the base-file ($CMUCLLIB)/../bin/lisp.  That is,
it should be set in the site-init.lisp. Right now, when the
defaults are not overridden, LOAD-FOREIGN wanders off through
the file system in search of an ld and a base lisp.

Martin J. Zaidel            
==> zaidel@cis.upenn.edu    
Professional meaning junkie