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Bug in rem

I found this little function to kill the lisp with "No mapping fault"
in both version 15d and 16b.

(defun bug ()
  (let ((count 0))
    (do ()
      (incf count)
      (rem count 10))))



CMU Common Lisp 16b, running on cougar
Hemlock 3.5 (16b), Python 1.0(16b), target SPARCstation/Sun 4
Send bug reports and questions to cmucl-bugs@cs.cmu.edu.
* ;;;Compile /my/w-lisp/bug-reports/rem.lisp
Python version 1.0(16b), VM version SPARCstation/Sun 4 on 01 APR 92 12:20:59 pm.
Compiling: /net/cougar/d1/my/w-lisp/bug-reports/rem.lisp 31 MAR 92 10:42:47 pm

/my/w-lisp/bug-reports/rem.sparcf written.
Compilation finished in 0:00:01.
; Loading "/net/cougar/d1/my/w-lisp/bug-reports/rem.sparcf".
* (bug)
segv_handler: No mapping fault: 0x00e80000
segv_handler: Recursive no mapping fault (stack overflow?)