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The file $clisp/src/16/ChangesFrom15e contains all the RCS log entries for
the differences between the 15e rcssnap and the 16c rcssnap.

/../lisp-pmax1/usr0/wlott/16c-pmax_mach.core is just what it says.
/lisp-sun1/usr0/tmp/16c.core.Z is also just what it says.

For the other systems, you will have to bootstrap from 16b.
$clisp/src/16/bootstrap.lisp contains the necessary noise to bootstrap 16c
from 16b.  $clisp-3 contains several @sys-16b.core.Z's.  If you need one,
uncompress it and use the startup code from @sys/16/ldb.

I figure we would install the 16c as alpha.  When we think that it works,
we can push it to beta, and re-install a 17 as alpha.

Let me know if you need any more information.