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next meeting, new cleanup issues

Since the last meeting I have collected a list of about 20 new cleanup
issues.  (This is in addition to the issues that were postponed from
the last meeting, and I suspect other people may have new issues of
their own.)  I have allocated some time for writing these up and
distributing them within the next couple of weeks, but I am wondering
if instead of allocating time at the meeting to deal with them, we
ought to use the time to discuss some way of resolving these issues
offline in a timely manner.  I'm concerned about the poor quality of
technical work done at the last couple of meetings; at the last meeting,
for example, there was one issue (type-specifier-abbreviation) where
amendments were written and approved on the fly, but apparently nobody
recorded or remembered the intent of the amendments accurately enough
for me to put together a revised writeup that makes any sense. 

Does anybody have strong feelings and/or suggestions about this?