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alpha ldb

Okay, I compiled ldb.  It's actually not that hard.  You just:

cd .../pmax_mach/alpha/ldb
cp -p ../../beta/ldb/{lisp.h,version} .
make -f Makefile.boot
make -k

If you don't have an old copy of lisp.h, you can create it by running genesis
with no input files and /dev/null for the map file.  It will spew out buttloads
of warnings about undefined foreign symbols, but it will create the lisp.h
file.  You might have to create an empty lisp.h file to make it happy.

If you don't have an old copy of version, the ``make -k'' line will create a
new one starting at zero.  Or maybe one, I don't remember.  I like to copy the
old one over, so that the ldb version number keeps increasing instead of
resetting each time you start over in a new directory.

Compiling large C systems is much easier than compiling large Lisp systems.