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Multi-Font Files in Rel-6-7

We have been experiencing problems with multi-font files when using the
Rel-6-7 compatibility package.  Our software here builds "pretty" source
files with five to six fonts in them.  The software is an extension to
Zmacs and has been working fine under release 6.1.  In fact, we could move
the files between LMI's and Symbolics without problems.  However, now
that we have loaded the Rel-6-7 patches we are starting to see files
with random font changes in them.  Strangely enough they can be read
under Rel-6-7 and appear to have the correct font shifts but not in
release 6.1 or release 7. We are trying to track down the problem now
and would like to hear from only other groups that are experiencing
similiar problems. 

Of course, when our Symbolics software person came over we could not
reproduce the problem on the spot but we are working on it.

  -- Dave