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Hardcopy to Imagen Printers

    Date: Mon, 10 Nov 86 11:54:48 est
    From: Velu Sinha <velu@sphinx.umd.edu>

    This subject must have been brought up before, so I apologize for 
    the repitition... 

    We have an Imagen printer on the local ethernet  which our 3675 sits on.
    The 3675 talk TCP, as does the imagen.  How does one configure the net-
    imagen as the bitmap printer for our Symbolics? 

I have written a hardcopy interface for impress printers for Symbolics Lisp
machines. You can get via anonymous ftp from prep.ai.mit.edu the files

If you're running Release 7, substitute a 7 for the 6.

You should compile the lisp file, then load it into your machine.
The info file describes how to set up your namespace to print on the printer,
as well as some patches to make to fix some hardcopy bugs that crop up.