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Lisp Hacker Wanted

[ Please post this, mail it to a friend, leave a copy
  by the coffee pot.  The right person's gotta be out
  there somewhere....]

Thinking Machines Corporation is looking for someone with significant
experience in LISP (preferably with Symbolics LISP Machines) to maintain
and enhance our LISP computing environment.

Thinking Machines is:
	- located in Cambridge, Mass in the Kendall Square area (near
	- selling (and delivering) extremely powerful (>1000 MIPS)
	   massively parallel processors utilizing lisp machines as front ends.
	- relatively small (~100 employees)

We are looking for someone with strong LISP programming skills.  
Prior experience as a system-guru type is not necessary, but a 
penchant for all-night hacking sessions more or less is.  Job
responsibilities include being involved with virtually everything
having to do with lisp machines, from fixing the namespace and
unwedging users zmacs processes, to dealing with Lisp Machine-
Connection Machine interface issues.

Interested?  Send inquiries to Art Medlar at:

    Thinking Machines Corporation
    245 First St.
    Cambridge, MA   02142

    Or electrically at: