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Re: Using rel 7.0 with 4.3 (telnet)

	From: Brad Miller <miller@ACORN.CS.ROCHESTER.EDU>
	    Has anyone else reported problems getting the symbolics to talk to 4.3BSD with
	    telnet? apparently options negotiation fails - the configuration of the
	    terminal on the UNIX side is completely wrong for the symbolics (echoing all
	    the characters, not doing real carrage returns, etc.)
	    Brad Miller

The echo processing negotiation  in the symbolics telnet user program is
broken.  The problem is that it is treating DO ECHO and DON'T ECHO requests
by the server as pertaining to local echoing, when in fact they pertain to
echoing over the network.  As the telnet user program never sends WILL ECHO
any DO ECHO received by the user must be a request from the server and not a
The 4.3bsd telnet server sends out a DO ECHO request in an attempt to find
out if the other end is a 4.2bsd machine.
The erring function is (flavor:method :handle-iac telnet:telnet-state-block).
The special cases it makes for ECHO for DO and DON'T requests should be

Now for a question from me.  I have a patch for this problem and would like
to make it generally available.  The patch involves a small amount (~60
lines) of code which is copyrighted by Symbolics but is part of the general
source distribution which comes along with any system.  What do I have to do
to cover my tail in making this publicly available?

Mark Bromley