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pretty fonts in sources

hope this question is not *too* dumb.  we've just put up release 7 on
the lispm's & i haven't been able to figure out the "translation" for

	fonts: hl12, hl12i, hl12b
so that when i type c-; my comments are in italics automatically. also,
setting up electric font lock mode & other pretty stuff in my login 
seems rather obtuse.  anyone have a lispm-init file or set of suggestions?

thanks a lot!

john c akbari

    ARPANET & Internet  	akbari@CS.COLUMBIA.EDU
    uucp & usenet               ...!seismo!columbia!cs!akbari
    DECnet			akbari@cs
    PaperNet			380 riverside drive, no. 7d
				new york, new york  10025   usa
    SoundNet			212.662.2476