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growing the control stack

    Date: Sat,  9 May 87 21:23:55 EDT
    From: David Vinayak Wallace <GUMBY%MX.LCS.MIT.EDU@MC.LCS.MIT.EDU>

	Date: Fri, 8 May 87 13:05 N
	From: <DESMEDT%HNYKUN53.BITNET at wiscvm.wisc.edu>

	Does anyone know how to grow the control stack BEFORE it
	overflows?  I get about 10 consecutive control stack overflow
	messages which I have to RESUME before my program can run

    You could handle the condition SYS:PDL-OVERFLOW yourself of grow the
    stack before running.  Look at the code for that condition, or the
    stack-growing code in the debugger sources.

Or easier, look at the documentation for 1sys:pdl-overflow.0  Just send
the condition object a 1:proceed0 1:grow-stack0 message.

Or, when working from a Lisp Listener, just use the :Set Stack Size

		   Moreover, I want to use that program from the Vax by
	means of an EVAL-SERVER.  It doesn't seem to be possible to handle
	errors in that mode of operation.  (on 3670, release 6.1)

    Wrap a condition-case or condition-bind around your code.  This has
    nothing to do with whether it's running via EVAL service or not.

Right.  It is certainly not true that you can't handle errors
when doing things via the EVAL server.  You just can't use
the debugger!

Actually, you'd probably be better off writing your own service
instead of using the EVAL service, because you get more control
over such things as how results are communicated, what you want
to have happen if it gets a fatal error (i.e. while you're
debugging you can have it drop into the debugger, etc.).