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need inexpensive graphics package

    Date:  24 August 1987 10:55 pdt
    From:  Doug Ruth <RUTH at SRI-ROBOTX.ARPA>

    Does anyone have any knowledge of an inexpensive or public domain graphics
    package for the Symbolics which can generate, modify and store
    three-dimensional objects.  The requirements are fairly basic:

      - have both an interactive and programatic interface.
      - be able to generate an object from lists of vertices, edges, and
      - specify the position and orientation of multiple objects in world
        coordinates and display them simultaneously.
      - specify camera attributes such as focal length (zoom) and angle and
        point of view.
      - handle clipping adequately.

    Any leads will be appreciated.

Symbolics sells a product called S-Geometry which does all of this and
more.  It is everything you want except inexpensive.