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kermit 7.1

After I posted my comment on kermit 7.1, I have got lots of inquiry about it's
availability.  I tried to make contacts to original writers of LMIkermit (which
is the base for my first version) and some persons to clear the legal issues
since the sources of LMIkermit have copyright notices. I do not get a firm 
self confidence to send my version to the net yet. (I have not enough experiences
to cope with a business of public domain sources.) This is the main reason
that I did not send any responses to the inquiries, excuse me.
While, I started to make a completely new version.
(It is not finished yet or will not finish for a while because its a 
interesting subject to hack. I am trying to include completely new things.)

If someone in USA will try to take care of the circulation of my first version, 
which is a modification of kermit for 6.0, I will send the sources to the person.
Or please give me a kind advice.

Thank you.
Masayuki Ida