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Re: Print Spooler woes

we've been running a laserwriter 2 on a 3600 for some time now with problems few
and far between.  after we had things correctly set up and i realized that i had
to add :printer-queue, :lgp-queue, :lgp and :lgp-status to the list of secure
servers (a potentially unwise thing to do :-)) and making sure that i started the
print spooler every time the machine rebooted, the system worked fine.

hmmm... i also remember that we installed the printer after getting the new-fep
upgrade to all our machines, if you happen to have old-fep on the machine with
the printer, you might want to consider switching it to a newer one.

every so often, a file can't be printed and gets left on the queue.  every month
or so i'll have to delete one or two of these things by hand as requeuing it
ends up with the same postscript error.

-jim aragones