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Symbolics hardcopy for Sun?

We are a small lab within  SRI International seeking advice on how  to
get a Symbolics  file server  running Genera 7.1  to provide  hardcopy
service to a standalone, no-yellow-pages Sun 3/260 running SunOS  Unix
v3.5 on an ethernet.   The Sun and Symbolics  hotline folks have  been
real helpful lots of times so far as we installed our new Sun, but  on
this one neither side  was able to  tell me how to  do it.  I  thought
this would be a fairly common  way to use these two popular  machines.
Maybe we're missing something?

If anyone  within SRI  thinks they  can help,  there might  even be  a
charge number for you!

We've read the previous agonies on this mailing list about making  all
your Symbolics print on a Sun.   But our Symbolics file server does  a
great job providing  hardcopy service to  other Symbolics machines  on
the same network, on its own attached Apple Laserwriter, and we  don't
want to fix something that ain't broken.

The missing link may be a SERVICE HARDCOPY TELNET, in the host object,
that will  listen on  TCP  port 515:  On the  Sun  side, I  found  the
following in the /etc/services file ...

# @(#)services 1.2 86/10/07 SMI
# Network services, Internet style
printer		515/tcp		spooler		# experimental

That "experimental" worries me  some.  I can't afford  to embark on  a
big cross-vendor  system programming  and debugging  effort right  now
just to get  some printout.  We're  not network wizards  in this  lab,
anyway.  It would be cheaper just  to buy another laserwriter for  the
Sun, even at Apple's list price, and cheapest to just manually  switch
the printer between the two machines ("Sorry, I was SURE your printout
was finished THAT time!").  I guess my Scotch ancestry is showing, but
it seems  kind of  silly to  have two  state-of-the-art computers  six
inches apart in the same room in 1988 and each needs its own expensive
printer because they  still don't  quite know  how to  use that  10MHz
funny yellow hose to talk to each other.

We also have a  VAX on the  same net with an  LN03 laser printer,  but
that's a story for another mailing list.

Bill Park

Opinions above are all  mine, not necessarily SRI's,  and come by  the
hard way.