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Interesting *uninteresting-functions* behavior

    Date:  8 Apr 88 09:37 EST
    From: STERRITT%SDEVAX.decnet@ge-crd.arpa

	    I was just trying to do some error trapping and stack-inspecting
    on the fly, and it seems that the variable dbg:*uninteresting-functions*
    gets bound to something else (looks like some version of the current stack),
    so the functions that step you up and down the stack to only look at
    interesting stuff don't work correctly.  Fixed in 7.2? :-)
	    chris sterritt

I've never seen anything like this.  Nothing, to my knowledge, is in the
business of binding this, so it's value should never change.  (That
isn't to say you can't do this yourself, but the only users in Genera
is one place to initialize it and one place to read it.)