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creating symbols (was: Allegro Coral Common LISP)

Kaelbling@Warbucks.AI.SRI.COM writes:

>the default *print-case* is
>lower, so some atoms I was synthesizing came out in lower case

This looks like you are doing something like:

  (intern (format nil "DEFINE-~A-INTERNAL" symbol))

which is convenient but creates symbols with mixed case if
*print-case* is lower.  It is better to use

  (intern (string-append "DEFINE-" symbol "-INTERNAL"))

on a Symbolics.  On the MAC, since string-append is not a common-lisp

  (intern (concatenate 'string "DEFINE-" (string symbol) "-INTERNAL"))

I had *print-case* = lower for some time on my Symbolics.  And I ran
into the same problem.  Macros like define-program-framework (Genera
7.1) generated ugly mixed-case function names like
|DEFINE-employee-editor-COMMAND|.  I didn't check if this has been fixed
in 7.2.

... andreas ..:-).