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symbolics <-> explorer II connections

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    Subject: symbolics <-> explorer II connections
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	Date: Thu, 21 Apr 88 12:48:36 EDT
	From: aboulang@WILMA.BBN.COM

	Does anybody have code for:

	1) The Explorer II: Create and send printer requests to Symbolics
	printer spoolers. Or even more crazy, send requests to the MDQS
	spooling system from BRL.

	2) The Symbolics: Teach it to understand Explorer pathnames.

	Albert Boulanger

    Hi All, We have some code that helps with #2 above.  If anyone wants it
    contact Customer-Reports.  

    PS.  I think it is in one of the slug tapes.

SLUG Library tape #3 has a contribution from Symbolics:

miti-pathname-patch.lisp.3    2   6986(8)     06/18/85 16:53:51 (02/22/88) rsl

As you can see it was last updated in June of 1985.   It may not work
under Genera 7.   I have not tried it.

SLUG Librarian,

  -- Wilson M. Michaels