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a problem with print-functions

    Date: Fri, 27 May 88 11:25:33 EDT
    From:     bds@mitre-bedford.ARPA

		Defstructs are another matter--they want to print
    out every slot.  This can be partially solved by using print-functions, 
    of course, but  since most of the structures have between 6 and 12
    slots (some of which are lists of other structures),
    the printouts become long and unwieldy, and the individual
    slots are not mouseable in the  inspector.  

It seems to me that using print functions is the correct solution to
your problem.  I don't understand the objections.  It doesn't matter how
many slots the structure has.  You can control the printed
representation, and make the printed representation be as short and
weildy as you'd like, no matter how many slots there are.  The
individual slots would still be mousable in the inspector, because
when you inspect a structure, the inspector shows all the slots
and values even if you have a print-function.

Another answer to your problem is for you to set *print-structure-contents*
to T at top level.  This is quicker, but dirtier because it affects all structures
everywhere rather than just those in your own program.