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Ivory board

Well, we've ordered a MAC II with an Ivory board.  We've also
leased a TI Micro-explorer.  Both should be delivered sometime,
I suppose.

I have a question.  We're doing lots of bitbltting here, all in color.
The MAC II is very different than our 3650's, and quickdraw apparently
tries to scale all bitbltting operations instead of simply repeating
like the Symbolics does.  Apparently quickdraw sometimes uses a single
fixnum to represent points on screen and sometimes uses separate x and
y coordinates.  The Microexplorer, apparently because of these differences,
does not directly support bitbltting (it also doesn't directly support
color).  Are we going to have the same set of problems with the Ivory
board, too, ie, does the Ivory board directly support both (or either)
bitbltting and color?  Thanks.

Barry Smith