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GC, ZMail

    Date: Fri, 2 Sep 88 12:38 EDT
    From: mkr@philabs.Philips.Com

	    I have a general question about Garbage Collection on
    my 3640...Why is it that after I do a "GC :immediately", I always
    have less mem free than before I issued the command.  At first I
    thought maybe I was just confusing terms regarding memory, but
    here is the clincher:

	    I turned off Dynamic, but left Ephemeral on.

	    I get a Notification "You missed the last chance to
	    do a Start GC :Dynamic,  only XYZ words left until you 
	    wont be able to do a GC :immediately."

	    So I do a Start GC :immediately right then and there..

	    As soon as it's done, it tells me that now there's not
	    enough mem left for even a "Start GC :immediately".

It is a longstanding bug in the address-space calculations for GC that
migration of modified pages from the load file to the paging file is not
included in the calculation of how much memory will be used up by GC.
This is the phenomenon you're observing.  If you (can) do a second GC,
you'll notice that the free space remains the same.  Alternatively, if
you netboot, everything is in the paging file initially, so you won't
observe the free-space shrinkage there, either.

The fix is not easy, but not particularly difficult.  It hasn't been
fixed yet mainly because we're concentrating on other things.

	    What am I doing wrong??

	    Also, If anyone knows how to make aliases for ZMail, i.e.
    I want to say "To: Rob" instead of "To: mach1!mach2!mach3!rob@sys1",
    I would be pretty happy.  Is there a way to save those notes you put
    in the Calender?? Or when you change mailer windows or reboot will they
    always be gone??



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