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help on graphic output

    Date: Tue, 8 Nov 88 11:13:49 EST
    From: rpg@cs.brown.edu

    1)  Do any of you have software for drawing line graphs on the
    symbolics screen?

    2)  Our symbolics' are second-class citizens of our network.  In
    particular, they are not connected to any printers.  But we have a
    couple of printers that take postscript output.  Is there any way to
    snapshot a screen or window, and get a postscript file that I could
    ship to one of these printers?

The Symbolics LGP2 or LGP3 printer support software product is the thing
you need to make PostScript files.  Then you do:

	(setq hardcopy:*default-bitmap-printer* 
	      '(:file #P"the:/name/of/your/file.ps" :lgp2))

and whenever you type Function-Q it will write a postcript file a screen
dump of your output.

If your laserwriters are connected to a UNIX machine that is some
descendent of 4.2 BSD, like a vax or a sun, then you can print files on
it from a Lispm.  I can mail you a program that I wrote that sends
output to be printed to the UNIX by using the UNIX lpd network spooling
protocol.  You will still need the LGP2 or LGP3 software support to
generate the PostScript.