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Security windows....

>From: William M. York
>Message-ID: <19881130081058.7.YORK@Chuck-Jones.ILA-West.Dialnet.Symbolics.COM>
>    Date: Tue, 29 Nov 88 23:14:57 EST
>    From: ncramer@LABS-N.BBN.COM (Nichael Cramer)
>    P.S. Another major plus to this scheme is that it localizes all the
>    interesting stuff inside the Covering-Window's flavor.  -- N
>You also have to set FIREWALL:*SYSTEM-MENU-ENABLED* to NIL to prevent
>the user from popping up the system menu by clicking right while the
>mouse is off the right edge of the screen (i.e. it is not over your
>window, but is in the screen's "margin").  In general, you should
>explore the Firewall facility if you are interested in restricting
>access to various parts of the system.
>As I think someone already mentioned, this whole scheme can be subverted
>by typing c-h-Function and then warm booting.

With the assistance of Richard Soley, i believe i have at least a partial
answer to this problem.  I can send the code to any interested folk....

It involves frobbing the definition of TV:KBD-CONVERT-TO-SOFTWARE-CHAR,
thereby intercepting all characters (except c-h-FUNCTION) and
disallowing nasty things by the user.  (You also do
TV:WITH-MOUSE-USURPED...)  This method survives a warm boot, so
hopefully everything you do is secure....of course, the local disk and
its contents are no more secure than they would be on a SUN having just
been booted....  The process calls a screen saver while the screen is
locked just to make things more interesting.


PS, Bill, do you know anyone who has used ILA-NFS with a Pyramid running
OS 4.0 or somesuch?