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How do I find out what happenned to our disk?

    Date: Tue, 17 Jan 89 12:56:38 +0200
    From: luria%cs.technion.ac.il@RELAY.CS.NET (Marc Luria)

    Our disk died on our 3670 file-server (ser. no 2714)
    a couple months ago.
    The Symbolics representative here in Israel could not fix it
    so they sent it back to the States.  
    We've been calling the people here to find out what's going
    on, but they claim that Symbolics doesn't answer their telexes.

    Who should I write to via Arpanet to complain?
    If anyone from Symbolics is listening, please help.

    Marc Luria


We have responded to an inquiry by Eastronics.  
The disk will be shipped by 1-20-89. It was received 
by Symbolics Customer Services on 12-27-88.  Our
turnaround time is 30 days from receipt.

Bob Killam
Manager Customer Services Logistics