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Symbolics Software Support Announcement

I would like to take a few moments of your time to announce the appointment of David Motazedi as the
Manager of the Symbolics Software Support (SSS) department located in Chatsworth, California. 

Since his arrival at Symbolics in January, David has successfully eliminated E-Mail and phone backlog.  His
mission is to assure our customers that Symbolics Software Support is strong, and stands behind
its promise of providing our customers with the highest level of software support that our users
deserve.  Most E-Mail and call inquiries will be resolved on the same day, or a maximum of three
working days for E-Mail, and four working days for call problems. 

David has joined Symbolics from Aviotex, Corporation, where he was the Director of Sales, Marketing,
and Customer Service.  During his tenure at Aviotex Corporation, David developed a software support
team responsible for the domestic and international support of an interactive real-time database in
the aviation community.  His team provided the finest software support to the U.S and Canadian pilots
from the support center in Costa Mesa, California, while providing customers input, and feedback to
the development center in Toronto, Canada.  David has received his Ph.D. in Management and
Organizational Development, and has his M.B.A.

Should you have any questions regarding the activities of the Symbolics Software Support group in
Chatsworth, California, David can be reached at: 

					(800) 824-4263
				OR	Motazedi@Stony-brook.SCRC.Symbolics.com

Mike Hilgenberg
Director of Customer Service
Symbolics, Inc.