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accessor names

	I used to have trouble remembering the names of accessors, but
now I just use Show Flavor Methods :matching <variable-name> to find out
quickly what the name of the accessor is.  I'm not hot on using
:conc-name nil.  I find that this convention tends to have problems with
using the same name for semantically different methods in other classes.
Note that a major improvement of the new Flavors accessor style is that
it is now possible to mix two flavors that have conflicting instance
variable and method names that you want to keep separate, but which
exist in different packages.  Putting method names in the keyword
package never was a good idea.
	Using the machine to find out this sort of information works
well for me.  If there is any doubt, I just control-a as I write the
form and if that doesn't confirm my guess by giving me the correct
argument list, I use the Show Flavor Methods technique.  There is no
substitute for having the system follow what you're doing as you do it.

  -- Paul Vaughan