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specialized machines

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Subject: specialized machines
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    Subject: specialized machines
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    [ Of all the comments that I made ...]
    So I prefer the Symbolics machine for my work.  However, recently a
    decision was made to develop our system as a multi-user one, and to
    use a separate database machine in the network.  The dbms chosen was
    Oracle (much of the Air Force is going in this direction), and since
    Oracle won't run on a Symbolics, we chose the Sun 4 as the platform.
    Since we didn't want to get into writing lots of low level network
    code, we really had no choice but to use Oracle's built-in multi-user
    code and therefore run the Lisp code on other Suns (with Lucid 3.0).
    And so, one day we woke up with the realization that the future of the
    project was no longer with Symbolics, but instead with Sun.  The fact
    that Symbolics machines are not capable of running a relational dbms
    like Oracle killed it.
Ever hear of Statice, Symbolics object oriented DATABASE system, designed to
handle multiuser access to databases.  My guess is it would have solved you Database problems
in a much more powerfull manner.
    [Thankfully there are more projects, and nothing can touch a Symbolics
    for bringing up the initial, single-user, standalone system. ....]
    Barry Smith
Eric Buckman