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Request for info on color printers and plotters

Bowdoin College is currently planning a fairly advanced graphics system
for environmental sciences research. The system will be based on a Mac IIci
and medium-resolution monitor. We will need as much of a color printer
and plotter as we can afford, and I'd appreciate hearing from any of
you about your own opinions, experiences, and perhaps advice about
other on-line lists I should query.

So far, all I have collected is a strong set of recommendations that
QMS and SEIKO have the best color printer hardware, but I don't have
specs on anything.

100 dpi resolution is probably more than we need -- we really need only
to match the monitor resolution, which may in the 600 dpi range. I'm not
yet familiar with paper widths, but we haven't come up with a need
for anything more than 12" - 15".

Thanks for your help!

Pete Miller                             Manager of Academic Computing
BITNET: PMILLER@BOWDOIN                               Bowdoin College
(207) 725 3785                               Brunswick, ME 04011  USA