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Earthquakes and Symbolics

SLUG mail was disrupted for a short while because of the earthquake but 
everything is fine now (I think).  We lost power when it happened but we had
AI.SRI.COM back on later that night but took it down for the night in case
we had more power glitches.  (SRI has its own cogeneration plant so we were
up while the rest of the neighborhood was still out.)  When I got in at
8:30PM, the operator had already taken our machines down but I could get
out from machines in the next department (the NIC) to MIT so apparently
BARRNET (NSFnet branch) was functional.

Between the Symbolics, Sun, and Vax equipment we have, we did have some
failures which we associate with power problems rather than shock (eg,
no head crashes but all the nanoFeps had to be reset in order to turn off the
machines).  We keep our Symbolics machines in rows and at least
one row moved about a foot.  It apparently was a pretty good shake at
SRI (I was in SF at the time) but our building went through it pretty well.

If you did have any mail problems with SLUG, please resubmit them.