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position available, systems administrator.

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Date: Thu, 2 Nov 89 16:23 PST
From: Eric Buckman <BUCKMAN@ALAN.LAAC-AI.Dialnet.Symbolics.COM>
Subject: position available, systems administrator.
To: slug@ALAN.LAAC-AI.Dialnet.Symbolics.COM
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Us too......
but we're located in Valencia CA, (a suburb on the North side of LA, about 45
mins. from the beach).

We have about 15 Symbolics, a few sun's and HP9000's,  the site administrator
will be mostly responsible for the Symbolics, as well as getting into writing
system tools, like network hacks, etc.  We also support users which constitute
another 20 or so Symbolics.  We use most of the Symbolics layered products.

Our requistion is open for a site administrator (it is an entry level salaried

If your interested...........contact:

Eric Buckman
Lockheed Aeronautical Systems Company
PO Box 551
Burbank, CA 91355-7011