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ZMAIL on X Remote Screen

Okay, I played around with the X Remote Screen System.  I got all the
fonts converted and made the appropriate configuration changes.  I get
the remote screen started on my Sun 3/60.  So good so far.  I can create
Editors and all other windows using the Select key or the System Menu.
All, that is, except for ZMail.  <select>-M just beeps on the Sun and
Symbolics.  Selecting "Mail" in the System Menu selects and builds the
ZMail window on the Symbolics, not the Sun.  Why is this?  Is it related
to the fact that you can have only one ZMail window at a time?

Also, is there a way to configure things so that the Symbolics boots up
with all Window calls going through X to my Sun?  I'd like to move the
Symbolics chassis out of my office (the monitor has to go with it)
because of the noise it generates.  I'd like to be able to access
everything through X on my Sun.  Any ideas?


BTW, what do I use for Super and Hyper keys?