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Just got this from a user at another site.  We don't use color at our
site.  Can anyone help him/us out with any of these problems?

>    We are having weird problems with color. 
>    1. Color worlds made on the 3653 will not work on the 3640s.
>    The machine can't draw the initial LL window rectangle.
>    2. Color world on the 3640 with cad-buffer-ii won't work for 
>    a 3640 with a cad-buffer (picture is either nonexistant or distorted).
>    Going through the bug section of the color manual does nothing to
>    correct this problem.
>    3. The distribution color world works fine but it is overly large
>    and contains many function that we don't need (s-utilities). All we
>    need is the color section.
>    I am suspicious that Symbolics does some nifty setup or initialization
>    to make their worlds so that they can transfer, however, there is
>    no documentation on what it is. 
>    I have talked to software support and the sales rep. but have not 
>    received any definite answers.