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Word Processing without Concordia

        In addition to programming in LISP, I use my 3650 to write
research papers, papers which include drawings.  I'm sure there are
other Symbolics computer users who write research papers with drawings
as well.  Unfortunately, there is only one really good word processing
package for the symbolics I've been able to find so far and that is
Concordia - a package with a very high dollar value, approximately
$10,000. PER CPU.

        Currently, I use zmacs to write the text and a graphics package
called Illustrate to draw the pictures, cutting and pasting the printed
pictures into the formattted text when I am done.  In addition to this
cutting and pasting being a time-consuming hassle, I also find that
Illustrate does not provide a shading facility, which means that to
shade a figure I have to painstakingly draw little lines inside of it.

        Does anybody know of either:

        (1)    A full word processing package (other than Concordia)
               which has graphics drawing software, or

        (2)    A graphics software package that has shading utilities
               and produces postscript files

which run on Symbolics 36xx's in Generea-7-2?

        Peter Malkin, malkin@ibm.com