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Beginners question about program framework

We got a problem with the :command-evaluator option in the program
framework macro. Apprently the function "fonction" below does not
seem to be called. Any ideas why ? We didn't find any example in
the manual which shows how to use this option.

                                   - thanks for any help

(defun fonction (gs co &rest args)
  (ignore gs)
  (read-char (dw:get-program-pane 'listener-pane))
  (apply co args)
  (princ "foo" (dw:get-program-pane 'listener-pane)))

(dw:define-program-framework graphic-symbol-frame  
  :pretty-name "Graphic Symbol System"	        ;pretty name  

  :select-key #\g				;select key

  :command-definer t				;we will use the command definition macro  
						;(see below)
  :command-table                                ;specifies options to cp:make-command-table  
  (:inherit-from '("colon full command" "standard arguments" "standard scrolling")
   :kbd-accelerator-p nil)  

  :top-level					;our own top level function
  (top-level-function)				;(in place of dw:default-command-top-level)
						;(see below)
  :system-menu t				;graphic-symbol appears in the system menu 
						;(trie-it !)
     :title					;pane type
     :default-character-style '(:swiss :bold-italic :very-large)
     :height-in-lines 2)

(defmethod  (top-level-function graphic-symbol-frame) ()
  (in-package 'graphic-symbol)
  (dw:default-command-top-level self :dispatch-mode :command-preferred))