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Re: LispM Market Share

In the message entitled "LispM Market Share" on Jan 15, Barry writes:
> [...]
> Why would they have to?  The Lispm competitor to FrameMaker is
> Concordia, not Zmacs.
> [...]
> Concordia includes a graphics editor and a Postscript previewer.
> ----------------------------------------------------------

Concordia is not quite in the league of FM for normal publishing needs,
IMHO. However, if you are running X on your Symbolics, and you have
a machine anywhere on your network running FM 1.3X, you *can* run FM
on your Symbolics (as a client).

None of this, I suppose, is the point, since the original poster's
point about FrameMaker was just that more general-purpose S/W was available
on Suns than Symbolics. Although that was what the UX400 was intended
to address...
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