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Printer Performance

O.K., so it's time to buy some new printers, which forces an evaluation
of what we have.

Currently we're running a LGP8-J (Canon LBP-8II AJ-2) off a dedicated
file server 3675 running Genera 7.2, including patch "LGP8-J with Japanese
stuff added" version 1.1.  Typical Hardcopy File operations seem to take
about 2:00-2:30 to get going, plus a consistent 0:07.3/page, plus 0:29
to print the cover page.  This is with an empty queue.  Questions:
 1)  Why does it take so long to get started?  This is objectionable.
 2)  WHY does it take half a minute to print a bunch of lines on a piece
     of paper, when this design could be hardwired into the machine?
     (I discount the theory that this is to prevent software sabotage,
     similar to the 2-second delay on logins.)  This is not only
     objectionable, it seems unnecessary.
 3)  What are the hot new spiffy printers that people are using with
     their Symbolics machines?

Also: (sorry, I don't know where else to turn) we are running an
Apple LaserWriter Plus M0198 off of our Vax 8600 with a serial line.
Average performance on techpapers is 1:10 setup plus 0:25/page,
which sucks.  Granted there are a lot of equations and footnotes, but...
We are translating DVI (device independent?) format into Postscript,
which takes up 0:10 of the setup time.
 4)  Could some kind soul explain the Postscript printing process to me
     (offboard) and why it takes so long to download fonts for each page?
     The printer is physically capable of printing at 0:07/page.
 5)  Is there a better/favorite configuration?  How fast do your printers go?
     Can I buy a printer with a parallel connection or stuff more memory
     into my printer?
 6)  What are the hot new spiffy printers that people use with their Vaxen?
     (Can anyone give me the address of a printer saleman on the net?)

Ten years ago at CMU we had a Dover that could do about one page a second.
 Sigh.  Is Dover or something equivalent still around?  3 sec/page is O.K.

  I will summarize and post replies if someone indicates they are interested.

    John Myers     myers@atr-la.atr.co.jp