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Manual bug on REMOVE

    Date: Fri, 19 Jan 90 09:04 PST
    From: Chucko@VERMITHRAX.SCH.Symbolics.COM (Charles R. Fry)

	Date: Fri, 19 Jan 90 12:05:38+0900
	From: kddlab!atr-la.atr.co.jp!myers@uunet.UU.NET (John K. Myers)

	Gen.7.2 manual 2A p 149 line 2: "REMOVE finds the first instance of a cons
	whose car is EQL to the indicator, and removes the pair from the assoc list."
	line 10, example: "(remove 'ruby gems) => [removed list]".
	The REMOVE key in our system defaults to IDENTITY, the correct example is of course

	  (remove 'ruby gems :key #'car) => [removed list].

    Thanks for catching this mistake.  This has been fixed in the documentation
    for Genera 8.0.

     -- Chuck Fry
	Symbolics Software Support

Before the 8.0 Beta customers on this list shoot me down, let me point out
that this section is still incorrect in the beta (and current development)
documentation.  I have just submitted a bug report to the documentation staff.
This should be corrected in time for 8.0.

Incidentally, the example that immediately follows this one is also wrong; the
example as written would cause the error "Trap: The variable EQL is unbound."
(remove 'b letters :test eql :key #'car) should read
(remove 'b letters :test #'eql :key #'car).

When reporting erroneous documentation, please include the title of the
section (in this case "Creating and Modifying Association Lists").  The
on-line documentation does not have page numbers, so we need the section title
to find the error.

Thanks again for the report.

 -- Chuck Fry
    Symbolics Software Support