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Looking for help/ experiences on getting a Standalone MacIvory to hardcopy.

If the machine is not a server machine according to the namespace, you
may need to shut down the Print Spooler before saving.  The MacIvory has
problems with warm booting when a serial stream was open before.  That
might be the source of your "break"age.

Symbolics distributed a loadable system with the MacIvory called
LaserWriter via AppleTalk.  This lets you print files via the Printing
Manager.  You could try that.  One of the major problems is that the
Printing Manager won't give you back (error) messages from the printer.
So, it's unsuitable for use with the Symbolics Print Spooler.

Although our MacIvories here are networked to all kinds of things, the
printer isn't connected to a Symbolics serial port.  Instead, we use an
implementation of the AppleTalk Printer Access Protocol on top of the
AppleTalk Transaction Protocol.  This gives a bidirectional stream just
like serial would, so it's fully functional.  Implementing this required
modifying the "Genera icon"'s idle loop.  So, I am in the process of
trying to get Symbolics to pick it up.

Those of you with the inverse problem (wanting to print from the Mac to
your Symbolics printer) should know that holding down Command- (aka
Super-) K right after hitting OK writes a PostScript file (with the
LaserWriter dictionary).  This didn't work in earlier Mac II's, but it's
fixed in 6.0.4.  Thence you can use :Hardcopy File ... :File Types PostScript
to spool it.