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UX400S RPC facilities

I have been having trouble getting the RPC functions to work on my
UX400 talking to a Sun4.  I have the service UNIX-REXEC TCP UNIX-REXEC
in the sun's namespace entry like the manual says, and I get an error saying
that there is no path to the sun host for the service UNIX-REXEC via TCP.
It says further that there is a path via BYTE-STREAM.  So, I add the service
UNIX-REXEC BYTE-STREAM UNIX-REXEC to the sun host.  Then I get the illogical
message that: There is no path for service UNIX-REXEC via BYTE-STREAM, the
only path is via BYTE-STREAM.

What's going on here?  Is this problem on the UNIX end or on the Lispm end?
I'd love to experiment with the piping facilities from UNIX to the Lispm and
back, but I can't get past step one.

-- David Magerman
University of Pennsylvania LINC Laboratory