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CLIM and Sun Windows

    Date: 7 Feb 90 09:21:00 EST
    From: harper1@aldncf.alcoa.com (M HARPER)

	    Mike Harper
	    Alcoa Laboratories

	[Writes that he wants CLIM under SunView because so many of his other
	applications reside under SunView]

I'm using OpenWindows right now to use both SunView and X based applications
(e.g., this UX and FrameMaker (sunview version) are running on my screen right
now.)  The noise I hear is that Sun and most software vendors are quickly
moving away from SunView.  That they will no longer write software for
SunView, ....  That OpenWindows is THE future for Sun (until Motif causes Sun
to change bandwagons).

I think it would be a mistake for Lucid to support SunView  for CLIM right now
because of this movement.  For the next two years, it will be awkward having
applications requiring different window systems, but, at least, using
OpenWindows provides some type of solution.

Before others harp on this suggestion, I should point out that SunView
applications are not exactly well-behaved under OpenWindows.  Oh, they run
fine and there are no problems with how they display.  It's when you want to
bury them and bring up an X application.  The silly SunView one's refuse to
take a back seat.  You have to close them to an icon and move the icon to some
part of the screen where their aggressive king-of-the-mountain strategy can be
ignored.  Note, even the icons refuse to be buried under an X window (they
will bury under another SunView application.).