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SLUG90 Tutorials ...

Okay, we've had some ideas put forward and had a little discussion
with Education Services for their ideas. Now, how about a little more
feedback from you folks.

  A full-day seminar (Allan Wechsler, for those of you who know) on
  Strategies for Porting Applications Using CLOS and CLIM.

  A full-day seminar on CLOS; namely converting from being a Flavors user
  to being a CLOS user (also Allan Wechsler).

  A half-day tutorial on Stattice: An Introduction and Theory of Use

  A half-day tutorial on CLIM: An Inroduction and Theory of Use

  A half-day tutorial on Network Connections between Unix and Genera,
  in particular RPC (remote procedure call) to unix and how to make them
  robust (e.g. how to do good error-handling of RPC's).

The first two of these are suggestions from Symbolics Ed. Serv. as well
as from SLUG. The last three are SLUG suggestions.

Please give some feedback (a) your choices and (b) what you want to
get our of the ones you choose. Remember the first two days of SLUG 
(Monday the 18th, and Tuesday the 19th) are when all of the tutorials

Please choose two, and do it NOW so we can provide the most desireable