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Telnet'ing to Symbolics

    Date: Tue, 6 Mar 90 08:35 PST
    From: Swab@charon.arc.nasa.gov

     When at Symbolics#1 I log onto a Sun and then telnet to Symbolics#2
     that allows background logins.  How can I then exit the Symbolics#2
     environment and return to the Sun without logging out of Symbolics#2?
	(I really did intend for the #1 and #2 to make it clearer...)

    Thanks, Rod.

Snarfed from Sun's telnet man page:


     While connected to a remote host, telnet command mode may be
     entered  by  typing  the  telnet escape character (initially
     `^]', (control-right-bracket)).  When in command  mode,  the
     normal terminal editing conventions are available.


     The following commands are available.  Only enough  of  each
     command  to uniquely identify it need be typed (this is also
     true for arguments to the mode,  set,  toggle,  and  display


     quit Close any open TELNET session and exit telnet.  An  EOF
          (in command mode) will also close a session and exit.