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Manuals: seconded again..

    Date: Wed, 7 Mar 90 08:46 PST
    From: Spock@SAMSON.cadr.dialnet.symbolics.com (Mr. Spock)

    We have machines at 2 sites and our needs only require that we have a
    complete manual set at each site.  We probably only really need one
    manual set because everyone usually asks me before looking in the

As I'm sure you all guessed, the same is true for me.

	      I'm sure that unless Symbolics adopts a "tell us how many you
    need" policy that there will be unsatisfied customers no matter what
    they do.  And there will still be unsatisfied customers no matter what
    they do.

One reason that companies don't adopt a "tell us how many" policy is
that it's another database to maintain.  Collecting and processing this
data would probably cost a good chunk of the money they're trying to
save by sending out fewer doc sets.

And remember all the people complaining about the (incorrectly-quoted)
policy to only send 8.0 to sites that have all machines on software
support; several of them complained that Symbolics has trouble keeping
this database up to date (BTW, Symbolics isn't the only vendor with such
trouble -- we've had similar problems with Sun).  Yet people are asking
them to maintain *more* data.