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ZMAIL help re bad header

We are running into the following problem at our site:

Some people use a system called Alis on Suns and other workstations; one
of its features is an email service.  However this system apparently
generates headers which violate SMTP standards in two ways:

1) It sometimes generates a From line such as:

From: georgeh@atc <georgeh@atc.boeing.com>

Zmail fails to parse this and indicates a "bad header".  I have hacked
around in the Zmail code and apparently the problem is having a "<"
character in the string after an "@" has already been encountered.  The
parsing of the string is done according to the 

(DEFINE-PARSE-GRAMMAR ADDRESSES ...) form and the various


Is there a simple modification I can make to that file so that Zmail
will accept this header and know that georgeh@atc.boeing.com is the
correct sender?

2) It sometimes puts a blank line before the last header; e.g. before
the Subject line.  Is there a simple way to make Zmail keep looking for
headers that will detect the last header some other way (e.g. maybe it
quits when the first token doesn't end in a colon or isn't a recognized

Obviously these should more properly be addressed by the Alis vendor,
but in the meantime we would like to deal with this if we can.


Larry Baum
Advanced Technology Center              
Boeing Computer Services     uucp:       uw-beaver!bcsaic!lbaum
(206) 865-3365               internet:   lbaum@atc.boeing.com