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document examiner versus printed manuals

        From:  lakin@csli.Stanford.EDU (Fred Lakin)
        Date: Wed, 14 Mar 90 14:55:46 PST
        How about we settle it in an interesting way and schedule some races
        at SLUG 90?
    From: jwalker@crl.dec.com
    Date: Thu, 15 Mar 90 13:37:37 EST
    Interesting idea, heh heh.  Who gets to choose the questions
    that people have to answer during the race?  Therein seems
    to lie the heart of the matter.

I agree with Janet.  The design of a test that is supposed to compare
paper with an on line system is far from trivial. I am aware of
studies of the performance of some Hypertext systems but none of them
involved Document Examiner (is there any?). For what kinds of tasks do
you think Document Examiner would be clearly better/worse than paper?