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Looking for a volunteer

At SLUG90, we'd like to try to get other vendors to show their wares. Primarily
this means 3rd party people who have a Symbolics-related product that they'd
like to show. Franz, Inc. is one company who has expressed a great deal of
interest in being involved with SLUG90, and what they'd like to show is the
software they have which makes it relatively straight-forward to port code
from a Symbolics to a Franz-environment on another machine.

There are other Symbolics 3rd-party vendors who may welcome a chance to present
their stuff to this particular audience - including consultants who may want to
recruit business by showing off what they can deliver with/from a Symbolics.

What this job entails: one getting suggestions of vendors from the users' group
at large and from Symbolics (Kim Cook and Ken Tarpey are supposedly doing something
about this, but they need to be reminded); talking to the vendors and finding out
whether they'd be interested and at what level of participation they're interested
in - some may want to give a formal demo, others just a place and maybe machine
time where they can demo and answer questions, and maybe we can even set up a 
table and/or machine time from vendors who can't send a rep, but can send a lit.
package and maybe demo software; setting up a schedule of times for demo's and
presentations, coordinating machine needs and scheduling times; coordinating this
with the rest of the conference scheduling.

Please help us put together what is shaping up to be an interesting conference.

reply to Richard Billington (buff@pravda.gatech.edu) ASAP