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1Re: bundling0

    Date: Thu, 22 Mar 90 16:02 EST
    From: miller@CS.ROCHESTER.EDU (Brad Miller)

1    I'm going to have to agree with Chris on this one: Few here would use any
    layered product other than CLIM: Concordia isn't TeX, and most stuff being
    written here are papers, not documentation. And Statice doesn't solve the
    database problems we need solved (neither does anyone else's DB). While I
    agree that the idea of having a STANDARD OODBMS that one could have in one's
    development system and rely on being around for delivered products has some
    attraction, I don't think CL should tackle this, and I don't really think
    Statice is general enough. I'm not even sure this problem can be solved
    generally enough to satisfy everyone!

0    [...]

Really?  I think that "what the Lisp community really needs" is a widely
available (i.e. on many different hardware platforms) "persistent CLOS"
implementation.  I agree that this may not satisfy "everyone", but I
think it would fill a very great need.