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Mouse handler table inconsistency.

[SLUG added in case anyone else out there has been experiencing the
following symptom and has any insight.  We're currently running 8.0 Beta
but I have no reason to believe that this problem is specific to that
version of Genera.]

    Date: Wed, 4 Apr 90 17:53 PDT
    From: Mark Freeman <MFreeman@VERMITHRAX.SCH.Symbolics.COM>

	Date: Mon, 2 Apr 90 14:58 PDT
	From: Robert D. Pfeiffer <RDP@ALAN.kahuna.decnet.lasc-research.lockheed.com>

	"Once in a while", our application generates the following notification.
	I have no idea why.  As it says, the problem is automatically corrected
	so it's no big deal.  Nevertheless, it bothers me that there's something
	wrong which I don't understand.  Can anyone provide some insight as to
	what this might mean and how to fix it properly? 

	3/21 10:48:46 An inconsistency was found in the mouse handler tables
		      OPTIM::SELECT-THIS-OBJECT is missing from the table
		      at context = CP:COMMAND
		      and displayed = OPTIM::PSEUDO-TASK
		      Entry-list = NIL.
		      It will be automatically corrected.

    I think the problem is that Entry-list is NIL.  The Entry-list
    is obtained from the table
    dw::*presentation-type-mouse-handler-table*, so for some reason,
    dw::verify-handler-entry-in-table can't find the handler table
    element for handler OPTIM::SELECT-THIS-OBJECT.  As the message
    says, it will go ahead and create the entry-list for you.  I'm
    not sure why that could be missing, maybe the table didn't get
    copied correctly while it was being grown, or mutated?  

I'm sure I don't know.

							   Does it
    always happen on one of your own defined handlers?

Yes, so far as I know.

    P.S. Setting *background-notifies-for-missing-handlers* to NIL
    should make the notifications go away.  (but
    dw::verify-handler-entry-in-table will still fix things for you)

Thanks, I'll use this as a last resort if I can't fix my application
properly before it goes into Beta Test.