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Package problem

I have run into the following behavior which is annoying.  We have a
system that we are maintaining for both Symbolics and Explorers, so we

(in-package (find-package 'tv) :nicknames '(w))

Now if this is loaded and we are working on something else and we write
code that references the TV package (e.g. (setq my-window
(tv:make-window ...) and then save and compile the file, the compiled
file references the "W" package.  If we then try to load the compiled
file on a different machine or world where we haven't created the W
nickname, we get an error saying that W is an undefined package.

Keep in mind that nowhere in the source code is there a reference to W:,
i.e. this is just an undesired side effect of loading our system.  Why
does the compiler change referneces to the TV package to refernces to
the W package?

Larry Baum